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Our Events
Details of times and locations can be found on our app and social media pages, or message us!

What is: Globe Cafe?

One of the biggest concerns of international students is whether or not they will make friends while studying abroad. Globe Cafe is an opportunity to make friends with students from all around the world, and with lots of local people as well! Globe Cafes are evenings that celebrate culture - we eat, play games and activities, learn something new, and have lots of chances to chat around tables and build new friendships!

What is: Table Talk?

Sometimes the biggest challenge in learning English is just having a conversation! Our Table Talk groups are all led by native English speakers. Come to the cafe and you will be put into a small group to discuss ten questions about a central topic. Themes are broad and easy to discuss like "Community" "Beauty" and "Social Media". The ten questions will be printed out and given to you as you arrive at the table. There is no requirement to speak in the group, and there are no right or wrong answers to give! It is just a chance to talk together, and listen to English being spoken. Your table leader can answer any questions on pronunciation or vocabulary as you go.

What is: Local Link?

Many international students come to the UK to study, but never get a chance to get to know the local British people! Local Link is a scheme that connects students with local families, who can answer questions about the culture, host you in their homes, and be a friend and support when you're far from family!

What is: Bible Discussion Group?

Friends International groups are communities of people from all backgrounds and religions. Since we are a Christian organization, our volunteers are all members of local churches. For this reason, want to invite you to visit local Bible Reading Groups meeting in churches in the Coventry/Warwick university areas. These groups are for people from all around the world. Most are in easy-to-follow English, but some groups will be in a different language. All of them are open to anyone from any faith background, and are a chance to read and learn more about the fascinating histories written in the Bible

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